Wednesday, May 30, 2007
10:37 PM
we have moved!!! Redirecting in 3 seconds..

Monday, April 09, 2007
6:43 PM
My three friends
Worry, etched deep in my flesh
Appeared with Time,
Trail blazing, never looking back
Trust, dearly missed
Where have you gone?
Anxiously, I wait
For your return


Sunday, April 08, 2007
7:03 PM
Happy Easter, everyone.

and hello huixan!

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

and until we meet again

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
8:44 PM
Screenshot of the day
Picture of the day



Tuesday, March 06, 2007
10:41 PM
Its been worth it, all this while =D All that nonsense we had during sectionals, the high notes we struggle with, creating our line together...


to my kiddos...JunJie Jacob Dewei Julian Bryan Dextre Neveille Tuckhing Kenneth..Its been barely two months, but the growth and potential I see.. tremendous! I'm really, really absolutely super-fudgedly proud of all of you. Each and every single one of you (=

For those who are stressing away, lathered in swathes of worry and whatnot, don't! Life is too wonderful to have migraines about academics (important as they are) J2s to not be stressed for terms, after all they are BUT terms, and J1s to not worry too much about posting and appeals, just let it take its course yeah? No matter what happens, always remember the time spent here, and (hopefully) a lesson or two you can take away with you that will almost definitely stay with you for life :)

Basses! Foo! We rule +++

but only together with the rest do we form a choir (:

big word of the day: ruminating
aka, me ruminating endlessly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007
2:30 AM
Courtesy of Brendan =D Basses obviously rule the (retail) world..

A soure of inspiration..

A reminder of how things just work out wonderfully sometimes..

Insomniac - Straight no Chaser

I can see you, don't even know you
Fallin' into the sheets at night
Place my hands, flat on my chest
I feel the heart beat back the night
I've tried counting the sheep and I
talked to the shepherd and
played with my pillow forever
I sit alone and I watch the clock
I breathe in on the tick
and out on the tock

I can hear your bare feet on the kitchen floor
I don't have to have these dreams no more and I've
found someone just to hold me tight
hold the insomniac all night

I Dig my head down deep so I can't hear the cars outside on the street
and the stars are laughing
they get a kick out of my misery
I've tried everything short of Aristotle
took Dramamine and whiskey bottle
pray for the day when my ship comes in
I can sleep the sleep of the just again

I can hear your bare feet on the kitchen floor
I don't have to have these dreams no more and I've
found someone just to hold me tight
hold the insomniac all night

Thanks David. You rock.

Happy Chinese New Year (=

Thursday, January 25, 2007
9:32 PM
Hey world! I'm baack! are the replies to now-defunct comments..
Limmy: I'm LAZY. hear that. 懒惰!(yes you saw it right. I typed in chinese.)
Leheng: Great job (almost) calling everyone! You rock ;-)
Merrilyn: Is that genuine or..laced with sarcasm. One day peach-man will ressurect. Just you wait.
Germ: I dont look upset anymore at any rate. I'm a happy man now!
Geoff: I suppose this whole post is somewhat a reply
Jo: So come back to Singapore! I miss you! Haha!
Since Heath has been annoying I shall skip him. Ahem.
Jerome: Good luck to YOU bro. Keep in mind my improvised version of insomiac LOL

Its been a crazy three weeks since the start of school, and I'm truly thankful for all thats happened, all the insanity of auditions, the mass calling, the help coming from really makes me smile how much we've grown to become a team :)

*grins widely*

and of course I'm infinitely thankful for my wonderful wonderful juniors, just wanna sing (haha.) your praises over and over again for being great and enthusiastic juniors =D Its a great start and it'll definitely be an even greater finish! Yeah!

I just took a look at my own blog CIP feels so distant now. One month and I'm feeling nostalgic about it, how's that? Its been an amazing past year, really.

Haha ogosh i'm tearing. zzz.


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5th October '89
tall and shuai
Likes: spasming, pretty people (=

A llama (cos every1 wants one)
A good pair of earphones
Many big strawberries coated with honey
A rubik's revenge cube
A powerful height growth reagent
better bball skillz xD
More friends!More <3!
Bag to stop showing his <3
Mad bboyin' skillz
Flawless vocal technique